Chief Government Chemist Directorate

Dr.Slim Rashid Juma

Chief Government Chemist Zanzibar

Chief Government Chemist Laboratory is one of the oldest laboratories in Zanzibar´┐Ż and East Africa as a whole with an age of over 100 years. It started as small unit with three staff through ministerial department to an Agency with fourty two staff. The Chief Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (CGCLA) serves as referral laboratory in Zanzibar according to the Laboratory Act No. 10 of 2011. The general objective of the laboratory is to provide quality and cost effective laboratory services to all sectors in order to promote health of the people and their environment. This can be achieved by implementation of its functions that include analysis of forensic sciences, chemical and environmental, food and drug samples. Furthermore, carry out scientific research on subjects relating to its core functions. Currently, the laboratory has one building renovated which accommodates three laboratories. The operating laboratories are food, chemical and forensic science. Plan is underway to increase the number of laboratories sections through renovation and extension of the remaining two buildings in parallel with the training of employed staff and procurement of laboratory equipments.

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