Mission and Vision

The Vision statement of the MoH is:.

A healthy Zanzibari population with reliable, accessible and equitable health care services.

Mission statement of the health sector is::.

To provide strategic leadership by the Ministry of health Zanzibar that will ensure all Zanzibaris secure their right to quality and equitable health services rendered in a cost effective and affordable manner.

Ministry Objectives

Main Objectives.

1. Health sector governance

Policy objective: Promote integration, transparency, accountability, community participation and involvement in decision making in health matters at all levels.

2. Health services delivery

Policy objectives: Improve referral systems within the health settings at all levels including private health sector [participation on universal access to comprehensive care, treatment and prevention of Communicable and Non Communicable diseases in a coordinated, efficient, equitable and dignified manner

3. Social Services

Policy objective: Improve integration and management of social services among different actors at all level.

4. Human Resource for Health

Policy objective: - Increase adequate number of skilled and competent personnel, at all levels of health care system.
Promote personnel right

5. Infrastructure

Policy objectives: - Develop and adhere to infrastructure development plan which supports equity and sustainability in preventive maintenance and rehabilitative services. - Improve transport and communication network within MOH

6. Essential medicines, medical and non-medical supplies

Policy objectives: - Increase access to quality essential medicines, medical and non-medical supplies and promote their rational use at all level of health care - Promote best practices of traditional and alternative medicine

7. Health legislation and regulation

Policy objective: Promote the application of health laws, regulations and ethical standards in health and health related matters.

8. Health Information

Policy objective: Promote the management establishment of Health Information System that will enhance evidence-based decision-making.

9. Innovations and researches

Policy objective: Promote research activities in the ministry.

10. Health Financing

Policy objective: Increase financial resources through adoption of various health financing options which are fair and sustainable.

11. Cross – cutting themes

Policy objectives: - Promote the application of gender and human rights approach in the health care system. - Improve environmental sanitation and health care waste management in health facilities and other public and private pla

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